BSA Pack # 173

Making A Difference . . .

Pack 173 will be celebrating the 2010 Centennial of Boy Scouting in the United States with a year-long campaign of good deeds we're calling "Making a Difference." 

Like that unknown Scout back in 1909 that helped a very lost William Boyce find his way in a fog-laden London, and inspired Mr. Boyce to bring Scouting to the United States, each member of Pack 173 has promised to spend the 2009-2010 Scouting year "Doing his Best" to help make a difference -- from the smallest good deed to Pack-wide service projects.  We started with a canned food drive to benefit a local food bank.  The Scouts and their families put together more than 400 Valentine's Day care packages to send to US troops stationed abroad.  We collected 163 pounds of soda can tops to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House.  Doing extra chores around their homes, the Scouts earned more than $300 to donate to the Red Cross to aid the Haitian earthquake relief effort. Plans are underway to perform service projects for members of our charter organization, Harrisburg Presbyterian Church.  And that's just the beginning.

Check out some of the local press coverage of Pack 173's "Making a Difference" campaign -

While you're at it, check out the attachments below for some nice "Thank You" letters and Certificates of Appreciation we've received from the Red Cross, the Air Force, and the American Legion for our Scouts' hard work.

Pack 173 . . . a lot of fun and a lot of heart!  Great job guys!